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Focus on student success

Improve learning outcomes by channeling your energy to the instruction, curriculum and mentorship. Not on emailing PDFs.
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Streamline Processes to Improve Student Satisfaction


Students can quickly submit change of major requests while running between classes with no additional software or coding required.

Integrated with your Student Information System

Automatically retrieve student data, removing manual entry, and easily update student records once changes have been approved.

Automatically Route Approvals

Streamline approvals from any person or department on campus with customized email notifications, role-based routing and group-based approval rules

Unveil Process Transparency

Track an approval process along every step so you can know whose ‘desk’ it’s on, send them a reminder or skip approvals in emergency circumstances

“Send Back” Option

Request additional information from students when initial submissions have errors or lack necessary context for approvals.

Back-Office Sections

Hide form sections from student submitters to provide administrative teams the ability to add additional context and information to a form throughout approval process.
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Automate Critical Student-Facing Forms & Approvals

Build Case Studies

“We looked at over 40 solutions and as soon as we saw Kuali Build, we knew we had found what we were looking for."
JD Mills
Manager, Digital Transformation - Davidson College
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“We’ve created turnarounds that rarely exceed 24 hours and in many cases are under two hours because it’s a really quick click for me to review and approve.”
garret yoshimi
VP of IT and CIO - University of Hawaii
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Learn the basics of how you can automate your campus processes efficiently and securely using Kuali Build. Learn how Build can get your institution back to focusing on what matters most.

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