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Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Today, digital transformation is no longer an option — it’s something that must happen for an institution to keep its doors open. EDUCAUSE research reported 83% of institutions currently are pursuing or exploring digital transformation initiatives. If your institution falls in the remaining 17% percent, you may be positioned to lag behind. Embracing digital transformation will empower your institution to exceed student expectations and promote long-term success.

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Top Trends in Digital Transformation

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Forms & Workflow

While so many institutions have made leaps and bounds in digital transformation, many are still wasting valuable time on administrative inefficiencies. A core element of digital transformation is embracing forms and workflow automation saving staff time and resources facilitating work that could be automated.

Mobile Apps

Lanching a digital transformation initiative without mobile support is no longer an option. People now have an expectation that software will be available and work properly on their mobile devices. It's critical for both native apps and web-based apps to not just run well but be optimized for mobile.

Online Curriculum

You've already seen the trend. As more institutions focus on cost savings and with the recent pandemic and other environmental impacts, more and more campuses are moving to online classes. This isn't a temporary change but one that is fundamentally re-shaping curriculum in schools.

Artificial Intelligence

Schools are looking more and more to machine learning and AI to help manage the complexities and chaos inherent in large organizations. With the help of machine learning, schools can spot trends, mitigate future problems and see patterns in data that weren't available before.

Cloud Storage

This is not a new trend of course, but one that continues apace. The days of on-premises software are numbered. This move has already happened in the consumer software space, and we're now in the middle of it in Higher Ed.

What is Forms & Workflow Automation?

Forms and workflow automation platforms empower staff across campus to quickly transform a manual process into a digital form with automated notifications.
Staff can easily build a digital form and recreate the approval routing process using automated workflows and notifications.

Why Now?

EdTech Magazine reported universities around the world waste 2,000 hours on average each month on manual tasks like expense reports. The reliance of paper and PDF-based processes continue to drown faculty, staff and students in painful manual work. Legacy processes often go unexamined due to time required to request a process change and wait for development, often requiring support from IT.

Automating processes simply should not be so difficult. Institutions have on average between 3 to 5 automation systems in place today, yet these are not solving the perpetual PDF and paper processes challenge.  Current systems are either too complex for process experts to use, therefore increasing reliance on IT and time of implementation. Departments often find alternative low-cost options but these rarely meet security and scalability requirements of IT.

True forms and workflow automation platforms empower every day staff and faculty members. These systems save precious time and money because they are actually easy enough that anyone on campus can use them. In addition, they are powerful enough to check all the compliance, integration, security, mobile and scalability requirements.  The combination of the two

What to Look for in Forms & Workflow Solutions?

In the low-code space, too much focus is put on technical innovation and not enough on making those innovations accessible to anyone. For a solution to really scale on campus, it has to be approachable by non-technical users. But more than that, to truly see the widest adoption, enterprise software should work and look like consumer software.
There's a chasm between the majority of no-code apps and those that have added workflow. Usually the addition of workflow causes these apps to immediately step into the realm of enterprise complexity. The solutions to look for have added built-in workflow management that is both powerful and easy. This is not a simple task but it's worth finding.
In order for forms and workflow solutions to be a mirror of your organizations' business processes, they also have to mirror the organization itself. People come and go from roles and any software you use needs to adapt to that constant change. By leveraging role-based permissions, software can bend and flex to the changing roster in your organization.
No app is an island. Every piece of software exists in a wide ecosystem of other services and platforms. In order to work properly in this chaotic ecosystem, it's critical that an app has robust integration options.
On-premses software is a dinosaur. With the increasing constraint of institutions to do more with less, on prem apps can't hope to keep up with the rate of change. A proper cloud app allows for easy ongoing updates, better security and more time for IT professionals to serve the individual departments. Cloud-first ensures that your organization is nimble and future-proof.
Community software means that there's a high-quality feedback loop for improving the solution as needs change. One big factor to the demise of big hulking enterprise solutions is working with a tight knit group of institutions who share knowledge and help craft software that doesn't do too much. A community-based approach means software that mere mortals love to use.
If you've spent time researching enterprise software, you know that pricing is often confusing, hidden or sometimes even seems made up. But the best solutions will give you straightforward pricing that is designed to actually dovetail with your organization's mission. Optimized pricing means that it's optimized for you and not just for the vendor's bottom line.

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Our resources can help you get up to speed on Digital Transformation in Higher Ed

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