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We Don’t Build “Homers”

The reason the Homer was a bad car idea is that it was designed with one type of person in mind. There’s a reason most people hate their enterprise software. It’s because enterprise software was built “to the sale.” It was designed for the person who buys the software but not for the person who actually uses the software. This means it checks all the sales boxes but is really just a bloated, expensive mess—just like the Homer. Kuali Build is different. Here’s how we do it better.


Enterprise Software Can Be Fun

We’re all used to fun apps on our phones. That's because app designers know that their app has to compete in a market that values simplicity, delight and value. Every consumer-facing app is just one delete button away from being irrelevant. We build our software to that same standard.


The Pareto Principle

The best software has only the 20% of features that work for 80% of people in a particular job. If you try to build software that does everything for everyone, it really serves no one. The 80/20 rule is our lighthouse. It means we say “no” a lot more than most vendors. But the advantage is that our users are happier and get better ROI from the software we build.


User Testing is Critical

All companies claim to do user testing. But what it usually means is that they ship something and see if people like it. Then when something comes up they don't have the time to fix the problem. We believe in getting new features and design concepts in front of the people who will use the software early and often. We test and refine and then test and refine again. And then we ship.


It’s Done When it’s Awesome

We don’t rush features because of sales pressure. That's a guaranteed way to end up with bloated, non-sensical software. We ship things when we love them as much as you do.


Zero-Bug Policy

Any time a bug appears in our software, all new feature work stops until that bug has been fixed. We know our customers hate bugs and we hate them even more.


Partners > Customers

We aren't some huge faceless company. We’re a small group of intensely collaborative people who love working closely with our customers and being on a first-name basis. This is a partnership. We’re in this together.


Usage-based Pricing Sucks for Higher Ed

Usage-based pricing works great for the corporate world where the needs scale with the profits. But Higher Ed doesn't work on those same economics, and so usage-based pricing gets limiting and frustrating over time. It seems great at first, but it usually means schools pay more for it later.

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