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You need to go all digital, but the digital transformation tools are too technical for the average department users. Kuali understands. We designed Build with Higher Ed partners who feel your same frustrations. You’ll love how easy digital transformation can be with Kuali Build.

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“Build’s fresh perspective is profoundly needed in this market. It allows us to empower more people.”
CIO - University of California, San Diego
"The drag and drop editors are easy to use and allow us depth with the conditional visibility options and they're actually fun to build with!"
Director of Curriculum Administration - University of Utah
"As soon as we saw Kuali Build, we knew we had found what we were looking for – something that could solve for 90% of our low code use cases, while being completely accessible to our end users."
JD Mills
Manager, Digital Transformation - Davidson College
"Kuali Build empowered us to explore Rapid Application Development initiatives...The agility allows for application versatility, cloud-based integrations into Google sheets, and more."
Assistant Director, Application Services - University of Michigan

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Automate your team’s forms and approvals in minutes so you can focus less energy on email and more on making a difference.

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